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It is August llth, today, just 13 years ago my world was complete, I had my

whole family in tact. I tried about writing about something else, but this

is where my mind wants to go. So here is my poem about that day.


It’s August 14th, I’m happy, content

Going shopping, Monday again

I call my shopping buddy

She said, I’m tired, I say call when

I wait all morning, no call

I’m in no particular hurry

But it’s almost 2 O’clock

Now, I begin to worry


Then the phone rings

She says Mom, I’m on my way

I replied I’m ready, careful driving

Something I always say


At 2:09 I hear sirens,

I said someone is in trouble

She still hasn’t arrived

my single fear begins to double


Then a trooper is at my door

With her license in his hand

I call my husband quickly

For by now I cannot stand


He said hurry to the hospital

I said I have to call her husband

They wouldn’t tell me anything

Just come as soon as we can


I became a zombie,

My husband stayed with her kids

They were in the car and hurt

His heart had hit the skids


The nightmare that followed

Should not be even be a dream

For thirteen years later thinking of it,

My heart begins to scream


Of course it had to be my fault

It was me that wanted to shop

My husband was a wise man

told me, honey, now just stop


We had her on loan from God

For thirty nine wonderful years

She wouldn’t want you so upset

Or crying bitter tears


And so today I smile

I’ve raised her son as m y own

She has a little grandson

Her little family has grown


I know you see Seth, Tracy,

I love you,Mom






This Week’s Challenge:

Write one or two paragraphs of prose about any subject and then write a poem that says the same thing (using different words). Conversely, write a poem about any subject and then write one or two paragraphs of prose that say the same thing (using different words).









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