I can be serious, (WWE, 6/13/12, serious challenge)

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The challenge was:  Write something about ‘serious’.


“Absolutely not, magic pen.  You’ve been getting all the glory and this time, I’m going to write a serious piece without your help.”

“I can write serious – seriously.  Let me help.  Pleeeezzzzeee.”

“No!” I said while getting his box out.

“No, no, not in there. No no, arghhh.”  Slam.

Now I’ll tell all of you Gatherites a serious story that comes from my conscious brain.


One upon a time I went to the store and bought onions, celery and a roast.  I put everything in a crock pot and ate it after it had cooked.  It was seriously good.

The End


“Let me out – let me out!”


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