I Cannot Be Kept Down – On The Run Again!

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Recently, I suffered a small set back at the paws of my cat while jumping out of the way to avoid tripping over and stepping on her.  I leaped into the air and landed ‘wrong’ on my prosthetic leg; suffering what I thought was a pulled muscle, but what turned out to be a pinched nerve.  My little mishap was quite painful; resulting in me being ‘trapped’ and confined to my third floor apartment, unable to get outside for a couple of weeks, though it seemed like forever.  After some rest and recuperation, I recovered and, as I have every step of the way in the process of getting back on my feet again after having my right leg amputated; vowed not to let anything stop me…or even slow me down.  True to my word, I decided it was time to make a go of things and head out to prove I’ve still got it in me.

My unfortunate event absolutely thrilled my real life stalker, who even goes so far as to follow me here to Gather to read my posts looking for fuel (or, in his case, fodder; fat cow that he is) for the lies about me he likes to spread to other members of my community.  This psycho is totally obsessed with me and tries to pull whatever stunts he can dream up in his attempt to alienate me from others…so he can have me all to himself…which will never happen in this lifetime or the next.  He likes to put me down and make fun of the situation I’m in…because he has no life whatsoever himself.  I refer to him as ‘Beluga Bomber’.  He looks like one of the whales from Marineland…more rolls than the Pillsbury Doughboy, despite his claim when he lies to others about being a ‘buff, muscle, weight-lifter.  Truth is, the only ‘workouts’ he goes through are exercising his elbows lifting forks full of flapjacks to his fat mouth at the International House of Pancakes or carrying home a dozen donuts at a time from the local supermarket. (I know he’s totally infuriated at this point; more by me achieving what I set out to do than telling the truth about him.  Being beside himself, I guess that would make him look like ‘twins’…being so fat; it looks like two children fighting under a blanket when he walks…err…waddles.  Face of a troll; body of a behemoth; mind of a midget.)

Since it was a holiday weekend, I decided to push myself to the limit and take my chances with my injured leg.  I was either going to hurt myself further…or I was going to strengthen my nub so I can keep my progress moving forward, especially with ‘Porkball’ telling others I was dying…from a pinched nerve…not even realizing how ridiculous this fairy’s fairy tale sounded.  It was time to take a walk…just to see if I could make it to my destination and back home.  I’m happy to say…I did it…twice!  Both strolls were a couple miles round-trip…to hang out with my best friend at his house.  My first foray on Friday took me to a sidewalk cafe, Starry Nights, near where Scott lives.  Then, it was off to his house to relax on the porch while we chatted and did some people watching.  At the end of the night; I headed out on my journey back to my apartment.  I made it without a problem…just a little, minor cramping while I slept.  When I awoke, I felt fantastic knowing I made it…and would again…soon.

With me being homesick and unable to spend the holiday in my hometown; which is the official birthplace of Memorial Day; and not wanting me to have to spend the day alone, Scott and his partner decided to hold a get-together at their place on Monday…good friends, conversation, cocktails and a cook out. It would also give me a chance to play with their puppy, Dakota, the Pooper dog. I never like to show up to a gathering empty-handed, so we talked prior to decide what my contributions would be.  I volunteered baked beans…my own recipe jazzed up ‘Rob’s way’. To the beans, I added small pieces of ham I chopped up along with crumbled bacon bits, onions, ketchup, mustard, molasses, brown sugar, horseradish and a touch of garlic.  They were a hit, as evident by how few were left at the end of our picnic.  In addition to hamburgers, I also brought along a couple packages of white hots to grill…my first taste of barbequed meat in quite awhile…and the only way to eat ‘em…loaded with onions piled on top and covered with spicy, brown mustard.  We came to the conclusion white hots are a regional thing, as so many from other parts of the country have mentioned they didn’t know what they were. I can describe them as a cross between a hot dog and a sausage made with pork, beef and veal.  The best way to find out is give them a taste for yourself…if you can find them.  We have a company here in Rochester that makes a very popular brand…Zweigle’s. To me, it’s not summer until I have a white hot…and the season has officially begun for me now.  We also chowed down on deviled eggs, potato salad, chips and dips and more. It was a great kick-off cook out. 

With cocktails prior to our meal…and chocolate tarts for dessert…we enjoyed much conversation throughout the afternoon and into the early evening.  Being up and running once again, we began discussing future events where we’ll all be getting together again to party.  A couple of the major summer happenings are ‘mandatory’ to attend…the annual Gay Pride celebration, which includes a parade that marches down Park Avenue past where I live…and the Park Avenue Summer Festival, which brings a good 300,000 people to the street over the course of two days; my building being smack-dab in the middle of the party.  I’ve got an excellent vantage point sitting on my balcony overlooking all the people passing by.  Last year, I was just beginning to recover from surgery and wasn’t up to full-strength, so I had to try and hobble around on crutches.  This year will be a different story.  I’ll be right out there in the mix of things; running up and down ‘The Strip’ taking in as much as I can…and making up for lost time.  You know my camera will be clicking away to share the sights with all.  I can’t wait!

When it came time for me to head home last night; I was offered a ride.  I turned it down.  No more slow going for me. It’s full steam ahead once again.  I can walk…and was out to show I’m back as strong as ever.  I was out to prove I can get around better than some people with two legs.  Mission accomplished.  I made the walk without stopping to rest…and with no complications.  I’m much faster than ‘Fat Boy’.  All his extra poundage just weights him down and he’s the slow one now…both physically AND mentally.  My strength and will power prevail once again.  Just as has been the case throughout my struggle; I’ve come out on top.  I am a winner; not a loser like him.  I continue to move on and will keep bringing you along with me on my trips to success.  Be warned.  You’re going to see a lot of me in the coming months…where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing.  The sun is smiling in my world once again…and I’m going to let it shine on you, as well.  Get ready, Gather.  I’m gearing up to take you all on the trip of a lifetime.  It’s smooth sailing here on out.  I hope y’all can keep up with me!


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