I can’t believe the lunacy continues. Drilling Ban Blocked, General McChrystal Under Fire.

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I’ve taken nearly a month off from writing about or commenting on the current state of affairs we, as Americans, find ourselves in.

I’ve always said that those who vehemently oppose our duly elected President, his appointments, and his policies should do just as Democrats did a couple of years ago and find a candidate palatable to the majority of American people and vote him or her into office.

But the opposition has chosen another path in their attempt to get back into the White House.  The path of obstruction aimed at weakening and undermining our President. A path that has bought out the many lunatics we’ve witnessed over the last 17 months.  

I’d like to begin by discussing the U.S. judge who ruled against White House on drilling ban.   Common sense tells me that until the leak is capped and we fully understand what really caused the worse environmental disaster in American history, any further drilling should be banned.

I side with Massachusetts Democrat Rep. Edward Markey, who chairs a House energy independence committee, who called the ruling “another bad decision in a disaster riddled with bad decisions by the oil industry.”

“This is another bad decision in a disaster riddled with bad decisions by the oil industry,” Mr. Markey said. “The only thing worse than one oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico would be two oil spill disasters. This judge’s decision flies in the face of mounting evidence that there are serious safety risks that must be examined with these 33 deep-water rigs before they start drilling again.”

I believe that putting profits over people and our environment is the wrong path to take.  I believe the threats of oil rigs leaving the Gulf never to return are all hogwash. I believe that six months is a reasonable amount of time to study off shore drilling and make sure a disaster like this never happens again.  What is so terribly wrong with that?  Did the judge conveniently forget that 11 lives were lost?  Has the judge taken time to come down from his ivory tower to see the oil laced turtles, pelicans, flora, and fauna?

I urge the President to impose another 6 month ban with even stronger wording.  It’s the right thing to do.


Now onto General McChrystal.  Fire him immediately.  Rip the stars from his shoulders the moment he walks through the doors of the White House.  Mr. McChrystal’s interview with Rolling Stone magazine sounds more like the words of a drunken sailor than that of someone with the responsibility of a military General.

His apparent contempt for the Obama White House, as detailed in a Rolling Stone profile, disrespects the chain of command, shreds his credibility and undermines the war effort. The story made plain that McChrystal’s error in judgment was not merely allowing a reporter access to a culture in which he and his leadership team mocked and belittled the Obama administration. His cardinal offense was allowing that culture of cynicism to evolve around him.

If anything, McChrystal had reason to be deeply loyal to Obama, considering that the president overrode the doubts of some of his most trusted advisers – including Vice President Joe Biden – in substantially filling the general’s request for tens of thousands of additional troops.

Can you imagine General Colin Powell acting in such a manner?  I urge the President to fire him NOW!  Don’t even give him the luxury of submitting his resignation.

What is your opinion?  Do you think the Judge’s decision to overturn the ban was the correct decision?  Should McChrystal be fired or just taken to the woodshed for a good whipping?

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