I can’t wait to tell you how good this book is.

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Recently, I read and reviewed THE SECRET SPEECH by Tom Rob Smith and noted that this book is a sequel to Smith’s CHILD 44. I praised both books. My review of CHILD 44 bears repeating. It follows.

Although I haven’t finished reading it yet, I just can’t wait to let you know about CHILD 44 by Tom Rob Smith. If the best books are those that you almost can’t put down, then this book is one of the best of the best.

Set in the Soviet Union in the 50s, when citizens there lived in constant fear of their government, when people were put to death on the basis of suspicions, alone, when the official line was that there can be no crime here because crime is caused by inequality and poverty, and there is  no inequality or poverty, a serial killer is on the loose, and the State is denying that this is possible. So the murders continue. And those investigating them are considered enemies of the State.

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