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© 2014 by David Wainland



Tantalizing aromas of coffee,

waft through the house calling

I leave my dreams behind,

soft and luxurious, bedding

coats like a featherbed cosset

The drag of sleep pulls,

calling me back,

to lose again


Nighttime meandering,

slip away, folding back,

into the subconscious,

I barely recall them

Some that I lose, sadden me,

others, I quickly forget or

decide not to remember


Things I lose in my dreams,

tickets, essays, missing

car keys, cell phones gone

misplaced or not working,

twisted into shapes

I no longer recognize

and cannot use


Some nights my father visits,

though he walks too fast,

does not hear my cries,

disappears into crowds,

onto trains and planes,

inside the basement of our store,

that no longer exists.


My car is gone, misplaced,

within the dreams I recognize

I have dreamt this before,

my home is always different

in these nighttime ramblings,

filled with so many rooms,

I cannot find my way



Last night I lost my house,

with it my wife and family

I walked, asking strangers

if they knew where I lived,

where my wife is

have they seen,

my children


I dream lost

When I wake

I feel the pain

of that loss,

then I arise and,

all I need is about me.

Only the dreams are lost.





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