I Elfed the Today Show, Now Go Elf Yourself! (videos)

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There’s nothing funnier than sticking your head on somebody else’s body… unless, of course, you’re sticking your friend’s head on somebody else’s body!

I’m talking about a site called JibJab. This site provides you with loads of hilarious videos and pictures where you can paste you own face in them and voila!! You are now starring in your very own music video. Unfortunately you have to pay for some, which is pretty lame. But the free ones are great. A few of my favorite free videos include:


The Disco Dance









The Thinking of You Song









And of course, Rhythmics… featuring yours truly!






Watch it here


And now for the holidays, JibJab presents Elf Yourself. My absolute favorite!! Upload pictures of you and your friends and with a click of a button you have become hip hop dancin’ elves… or country elves if that’s your preference. Best of all, you can email the videos and pictures to friends or post them on your Facebook wall! What better gift to give this year then having mom and dad watch themselves boogie down in classic elf attire! Go to JibJab’s Elf Yourself and start gettin’ down with your bad self!! Then post your best videos as a comment so we can all enjoy them.

Because I am obsessed with the Today Show and its crew. I decided to Elf them, out of love! Watch Matt, Meredith, Ann, and Al disco like only a true Santa’s helper can- Today Show Elves


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