I, Elizabeth – book review

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Author: Rosalind Miles

This book, a novelized biography of Queen Elizabeth I, was LONG and detailed. What the clothing was, what the jewels and flowers meant, what the foods were (something about peacock cooked and with all the feathers replaced just does NOT sound enticing to me). There was a LOT of musing on the queen’s part – romantic, sexual, political, etc.

Scattered in the text were various lines from Shakespeare’s plays. I am sure I missed a few.

This book took a VERY young Elizabeth – only a child – through the years from being in and out of favor with whomever was on the throne all the way to the end of Lord Essex’s life and her musing about who would be the next in succession – James VI of Scotland to become James I of England.

I am so glad that there were complex family trees at the beginning of the book and a “cast of characters” at the end. I find that especially with a book of 600+ pages, it’s necessary to look up the complicated relationships of all and sundry on the pages.

I am done with the Tudors for now… I have two more books on my shelf of their lives and times… but I need a BREAK!!

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