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Now how do I begin this tale

Of  something that happened to me

Of course you are going to know

It involved my family tree


I didn’t drive when I was young

I always took the bus

And when I wanted to go somewhere

There were four of us


Waiting at a bus stop with a bunch of boys

Is not the easiest thing to do

For what one did not think up

There were always the other two


The bus was late and they were running around

Playing hide and seek

I heard that loud motor coming

And then my knees went weak


For one was quietly standing there

But where were the other two

I asked him where his brothers were

He said I don’t know, boo hoo


So the darn bus just passed us by

After waiting out in the sun

I found them up on a branch of a tree

I scolded, they said you’re no fun


Well our shopping trip was done for

And they were feeling bad

When up the hill came a familiar car

Driven by dear old dad


So daddy was the hero

As usual , still in my son’s memories

And I the disciplinarian

Flying high on my trapeze



ake your pick of those themes, and write me a short story. It can be horror, comedy or SciFi.

MonWe,6,30,14. Everyday Tales, with a Addition



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