I found a dentist who takes medicaid for adults!

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Many of you read and commented on my recent posts about my tooth issues, thank you.  I wanted to give you a new development, I just got off the phone with a dentist in the next county who accepts medicaid for adults!  FINALLY!  I can't get in until friday at 3:30 P.M., but so what!  I think I can deal with the pain a few more days, after all, i've been dealing with it for over three months as it is.  I'm sure there is probably an infection, so i'm happy to get it taken care of before it gets any worse.

I was going through online listings for dentists in that county and losing track of all the no's I was getting.  I was getting upset and frustrated again, just like yesterday.  I ended up calling a dental center and the receptionist was very nice. She told me that no that don't take it, but that she was almost positive that the dentist in the next buiding did, and she gave me his name and phone number.  I thanked her hung up and called.  I was walking on air when I found on this dentist did for sure take medicaid for adults!  I've been sitting here calling friends and family to let them know that the pain is almost gone for me. 

Monday is my birthday, so I was really hoping that i'd be out of pain in time for it.  I may still be in a bit of pain from it, but not like this.  Talk about an early birthday gift!  I'm really happy, really relieved, and I can't believe it but excited to go to the dentist!

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