I Found Music

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In southern Appalachia
Under pine trees
I stood
Where I found music
As snowflakes waltzed
And longing sprang within my soul

Cold without and warmth within
Glimpsing the past
I dreamt the future
But just a child
Longing to be
Longing to be

To dance the time-worn steps
Heritage bequeathed
Bitter my fate
To lack such grace
While youth burned fresh
I yearned

The glory of life in rhythms moved
As time had written the notes
But I remember
That ageless place
When music birthed my soul
I hungered

My inspiration source:

Susan’s Mindful Poetry challenge for April 20. 2012 sent me off in search of music videos of Bruce Molsky. The contest for Friday required a certain form. I’m sorry, I didn’t meet the poetry challenge, but I found some wonderful music!

Once I got to roaming through music, I found “The Drummers of England”  by Russ Barenberg at the link below. 



If anyone would be gracious and help me punctuate this poem, I’d be very grateful! Thank you.

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