I Get To Read to My Son’s Kindergarten Class Today

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I have been looking forward to this day since the begining of the school year.  Today I get to be guest reader for my son’s Kindergarten class.  

I remember doing this when both of my older kids were in Kindergarden even though tha was several years ago I still remember doing it.  The kids were so cute. 

Kindergarden is such a sweet age they are so anxious to learn at that age and everything is so new and exciting to them.  I was also a Girl Scout Leader for 6 years and we started Daisies in Kindergarden, the girls were such a treat at that age.  I even teater back and forth with the idea of becoming a Kindergarten teacher some day. 

I have three books I am trying to decide which one to read to the kids. 

Next month I get to go and do a teaching class with the kids, that will be really fun too.


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