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and I had to go on foot

to make corrected a mistake-

and I was denied my benifits-

and I had to go on on foot for three blocks-

and they could not help,

and I had to continue going on on foot

for one hour,

and the feeling was sour-

but the nice ladies gave me advice,

which was nice,

and I had to go on foot for another hour,

and a man gave me a cigarette

to forget about the cold,

and I had to be bold,

and I went to a library

to apply for jobs,

where people are nice and nobody robs,

and I had to go on on foot for another half an hour

to have my blood preassure measured,

as I had a terrible headache,

and a pharmacy lady gave me a break:

she said my preassure was good

which deluded

me from walking,

and I had too much of talking,

and I went back,

and a nice lady allowed me to get some rest-

I will tell you- she is the best-

and I went to Jewel-Osco

to take my preassure again-

and it was high-

the pharmacist lied,

and she still is a pharmacist

and I am not-

I am a misled and a lied-to poet

who walked all the day-

and the liars are not punished-

nobody will-

all the same, I will have to pay the bills-

the unfairness kills

and humiliates,

Sunday God still waits…

my feet are all sor and the heart is in bruises:

a liar wins, a truthful loses.

Ivan Petryshyn

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