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Ok right from the start I will admit I am biased about the so called Iranian election. It appeared to me as to multitudes of others that the election was going to be a glorious upset. I can’t imagine one woman voted for the so called leader in power. And the university students – like most university  students tend to be drunk on freedom – particularly with Obama having a Muslim background. All of the planets surely seemed to be in conjunction.

Ok so it appears I was wrong and they were too. But wrong about what? That they lost – yes – but lost fairly or unfairly? The jury is out on that one. And I guess we will never know for certain. Except there is one over arching truth about this election – either the oppostion was way off in their estimates or they were right on meaning the fix was in.

Here comes my bias.

I think the elelction was rigged. I feel it in my voting bones. NPR doesn’t lie and the feel of the reporters all over Iran the day before the election was a rising tide for the opposition.

So let’s say I am right. So what? Here is where I have to hand it to the present leadership. If the fix was in – then you might as well go all the way over to the land  of absurdity and really stick it in the oppositions’ eye. And to boot bring inthe chief honcho cleric – Mr. religious – and have him declare that he has a direct pipe line to God (like our ex President) and was told that the so called election is divinely inspired.

However the wages of sin lead directly to cynicism. If, as I suspect the election should have had the opposit results this means there is going to be one hell of alot of smouldering anger which when repressed is only going to explode sooner or later. If I were the Mullah leadership I think I would not rest east tonight no matter how protected and supported they think they are by almighty God.

Careful of what you guys want – you apparently are getting it – but it is likely to bite you. Sweet Dreams!

 P.S. For a “real and free” election, courtesy of the establisment, it is curious that the opposition leader has been missing for two days, theinternet has been turned off, the cell phone system is out of order. However twitter was somehow bypassed and has received thousands of messages indicating displeasure of the election in all parts of Iran. If this is an example of a real and free election God help us if there is ever a fake and fraudulent one in Iran.

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