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I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm sorry I haven't been on much and commenting on a lot of articles. I really miss some of you though. I don't seem to have a lot of time anymore. My daughter is keeping me busy. She's wanting to walk already. She's standing on her own feet with support and taking steps when we help her. If she's not playing on the floor contently she's no all over the place. She's not doing a full crawl but she's still rolling everywhere and scooting all over.She's fast too.  I can't even go pee without putting her in the pack and play or her jumperoo for a momnet anymore.By the time I get back she's managed to pull out canvas storage bins by the handle, knock over the little trash can in the computer room or gets stuck somewhere and yells momma. At least this workout will help me lose some weight. She doesn't always nap either. *Today I'm getting lucky* Yesterday she was up all day since we woke her that morning with the exception of an early nap around 10am that lasted maybe 45 minutes.

 I'm working on another article explaining some other issues we've been going through as well. I posted an article about a month or two ago about how I had numbness in my body. I have an appointment with the doctor on the 15th of October. I had a similar experiance on labor day. I'm also fighting insomnia again even though I'm overall exhasuted.I'm feeling like a zombie anymore.The house hunt continues and it's horrible. Our lease is soon up and we don't want to renew it but we have no place to move. We are out of room here though. I'm so tired of being stressed. I just want a break in life.I'm wondering when it will happen.

The last few times I've been on gather there were some errors and I got frusterated fast.Especially after comming here to try to relax and write to feel better.I've pushed this further back but I do miss the site and most of you. I hope everyone is well.I just wanted to check in and give a small update to everyone in case anyone was wondering what all is going on.

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