I Heard the News Today, Oh Boy!

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 This was some awesome news and I hope it catches on in politics.

On the ABC Morning News they were interviewing a group of employees after a decision was made by their CEO that there would be no more gossip on the job. I don't recall the name of the Company, but if anyone got caught talking down on another employee, they got fired. One woman stated that it made her feel good to know that no one would be talking about her behind her back once she walked out the door. They also interviewed employees who were shocked that they got fired for this. Perhaps they didn't take the boss too seriously, but he meant business. Which is why he introduced this concept…. to improve the workplace… and thus improve  the company.  


Wouldn't it be wonderful if we introduced this concept to our politicians? If you gossip about another candidate, you are automatically bounced from the campaign. This way they'd have to run on their own merit. We might actually get to hear what they plan to do, rather who they dislike and why. It would be a more peaceful campaign, too.



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