I Just Won My First Ebay Auction

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Last spring my sons broke my husband’s remote, not just a little…..a lot! After being dropped several times, my three-year-old got a hold of it and started doing a bit of a remote control study.

My husband knows his technical stuff, and he was able to use it for a, while half broken up, but after a while he gave up on it. All summer I have been trying to get him a new remote, but when I finally found the one he wanted (apparently it had to be the original remote, because this was the only one who could split his huge old and discolored tv in two screens) I was a dollar or so short in my paypal account.

Since then I have looked a few times, and a new remote always came to about $30. For the past three days I have been studying the other Toshiba remotes at ebay, and I was about to show him some of them, to see if any of them would work. Just at that moment I discovered another used original remote. It had not been there the day before, so it was pure luck.

We put a sticker on the computer, and the auction was going to end at 9 p.m. During the day it got two bids, and it ended at $2.50 (plus $7.60 shipping). I tried to remember what other gatherers and ebay shoppers had told me, and with a little more than a minute to go I bid $4.30 just in case another bid had come up, while I was putting in my bid.

Well, I clicked and before I knew it I landed on a page saying that I had won the auction with $2.75 (now that part I don’t completely understand, but hey that’s cool with me). I went to pay it immediately and it came to $10.35 with shipping and handling, which definitely is a lot better than the $30 I would have to pay for a new remote.

I had planned on getting it for my husband for Christmas, but he was standing over my shoulder yelling like he had just won a thousand bucks. He began envisioning using his remote this weekend.

So yes I won my first ebay bid, and I made my husband VERY happy.


Do you do ebay? If so, what was the last thing you got?

Do you have any tips for a ebay amateur?

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