‘I Love My Hair’ Sesame Street Song Says it All [Video]

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The “I Love My Hair” Sesame Street video has gone viral, inspiring both girls and women to love who they are.  Joey Mazzarino wrote the “I Love My Hair” song to encourage his little girl and lift up her self esteem.  In doing so, he managed to make grown women laugh and cry at the same time, wishing they had heard this song when they were little.

Mazzarino and his wife adopted their little girl, Segi, from Ethiopia.  He saw that she longed for straight blonde hair that she could bounce around.  So he wrote the song to let her know that her hair was just as beautiful and special.  The song celebrates the beauty and versatility of black hair.  In it, the Muppet sings about how cool and fun it is to be able to wear cornrows, braids and afros.

Even though Mazzarino wrote the song especially for his little girl, it has touched upon a very common struggle of all women, regardless of age, class or color.  The achievement of self love and acceptance is a challenge for all women.  Beauty magazines, movies and television set a standard of beauty that is impossible to achieve for most women.

“I Love My Hair” is teaching little girls to look in the mirror for their standard instead of at videos and TV shows.  If little girls could learn this lesson, they could avoid a lot of pain and spend a lot less money on unnecessary beauty products as adults. Kudos to Joey Mazzarino and his daughter Segi.

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