I need an idea for dinner!

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I have another Dinner Dilemma. So I am trying to use up the food items I have on hand, first, before I buy more and end up not using the items I have! This time, the main ingredient is BACON!

I need an idea of what to cook for dinner tonight, using bacon as the main source.

I don’t want it to be anything using eggs…and we recently had pizza so no pizza types either…also no waffle, pancake or french toast.

I have Bisquick so I was thinking maybe biscuits & gravy with bacon as a side…but then I’d have to either attempt homemade gravy or go to the store anyways, to get gravy.

I want the bacon to be the main source of the dinner, so basically most likely the only meat in it.


Anyone have any tips or recipes or ideas?!??? ASAP! lol. Thanks!

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