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Next door was having a week long party last week. They called the cops on my step father in law because he put trash behind one of the cars that was parked in front of our house and that his tire scuffed the car. When he offered up his insrance info they said no we can’t do that we have to call the cops. Well needless to say the cops said give up your insurance info and left. Well the next few nights they were loud as anything. So me and my mother in law sat on the front step at a little after 11 pm and we called the cops. We were trying to go to sleep and there’s a noise law that says that you have to at least keep the sound down after 11 pm. We kept trying to get a hold of someone but we couldn’t. Midnight we called 911 and they said they would send out the next available officer. Well that squad car just rolled right past even though my mother in law said that she’d like to talk to the officeer. We called again and they said that it was a wake (a death in the family) so there wasn’t anything they can do. I think that that is total B.S. Now next door is african american, we’re white and so was the cop. This post is to see what people think not to promote rascism or anything. I’m also not trying to offend anyone.We called 911 again and the dispatcher was like she could hear them over the phone and that it was way out of control if she could. Again mom in law asked if she could talk to the officer when he or she arrived. Well the cop arrived and finally got out of the car and asked they would quiet down a little. Again we weren’t saying go home or go away just quiet down a little. Well they did after they said it’s a shame that we called the cops on a wake and it was the white people that called. ANd by the way that second part was said by one of them. I just don’t see where this situation was handled very well and would love to know others opinions on this. What I will not accept on this post is direct insults or rude comments. Please debate and opinions only. I want everyone who comments to be trreated with respect. Thank you.

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