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I finally did it, I’ve totally quit smoking! Are you wondering how I managed to finally quit after almost 10 years of being a smoker? I’ll tell you how. First I realized I have an oral fixation. Then I found something to satisfy my fixation. I then made tobacco products inaccessible to myself, and then I just did it. I had also been cutting down on my smoking since I made the decision to quit, it was just a matter of time on finding how to quit. Finding a way that actually worked, since I’ve already tried somewhere in the neighborhood of 7-9 times during my life.

I had been putting off my first tobacco fix after waking up for as long as possible, so on my quit day I just didn’t have one. Any time throughout the day that I felt an urge to smoke, I had a candy instead. A hard candy, for me it was gobstoppers because they last almost long enough for the craving to subside.

I also made sure to keep myself occupied the majority of the day. This site helped me do so, by me writing a lot on it. The combination of being occupied and satisfying my oral fixation kept me from smoking. Also the fact that I had made cigarettes inaccessible to myself.

I also asked any smokers that I knew I would be around not to smoke in the same room as me. This made it easier because I wasn’t tempted, and I didn’t have to smell it. Smoke makes my allergies irritated unless I am smoking; it’s always been like that.

So with the help of Willy Wonka, this site, and my wonderful husband for putting up with me, I was able to quit finally. The day I decided to quit was the hardest, that’s why I came up with a plan of action for the next day. The first tobacco free day was irritating, but it was mostly my will power that bothered me. The next day was a lot easier, although I was still tempted if I was around them, old habits die hard. It has just gotten easier and easier since then. Today was my fifth tobacco free day. I just thought I would share and maybe it’ll help some of you!

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