I Rock

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I rock!  I didn't feel that way until this year.  I've Systemic-Onset Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis from the age of thirteen.  I was pain and could not be exposed to virus and I stayed home.

My mother home schooled me.  I thought I wasn't learning.  I decided to get my GED.  I thought I couldn't do it, but my first test score was perfect.  I couldn't believe it.

I felt so empowered.  So smart!  I wanted more, but the instructor said I could make up for 4 years of missing high school in a matter of months.  I almost believed him, but Mom said "Go for it".  I studied and took all of the tests.

Some of them were marginal scores and others were great.  On June 10th the last test score came in and I had passed them all.  I graduated in a cap and gown on June 12th; not with my friends, but it rocked.

My friends and my family were in the audience.  They all knew I could do it and celebrated my day.  I have overcome.  I made it.  I wanted more.  I wanted college; a career.

I thought I would have to be on disability for life.  I needed to be practical, in case I get worse.  If I have to stay home and work from bed, what could I do?  I searched and I studied.  I questioned and I learned.  I could program from home and the web was ever growing.

I am enrolled in college to be a Web Programmer and I have a 3.75 GPA.  I sometimes have to stay home, but the teachers are great.  I study like crazy.  I can't get enough.  I'm attending college and getting good grades.

My mom works so hard to make ends meet.  Not only is she single, but she takes care of me.  The nights I spent in such pain.  The weekly doctor visits.  Going to work and running the house.  The financial needs are large. 

For a summer we had to live in a pop-up camper and she made it a vacation.  I love my mom for making me great.

I need this scholarship.  My situation is unique. 

These are my top ten reasons for needing this scholarship:

  1. I rock; I got a GED.
  2. I rock; I am smart.
  3. I rock; I love my mom.
  4. I rock; I get good grades.
  5. I rock; I am in college.
  6. I rock; I will have a career.
  7. I rock; I do not let my disability win.
  8. I rock; I lived in a pop-up camper.
  9. I rock; I want to help mom with money.

I rock; I am unique.

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