I Want a President Who's Smarter Than Me

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Is that too much?  I don’t care if I can’t see myself having a beer with her or watching a football game with him, just as long as he/she knows the locations, leaders, and histories of foreign countries.

I want a president who can multitask.  A competent leader can work on legislation to help citizens facing serious economic problems and set aside two hours to debate his opponent.  It also wouldn’t hurt if it took him less than ten days to realize that the economy is in a crisis.

I want a president who knows how to use the computer.  Again, I don’t think this is asking too much.  It’s 2008, and if my 84 year old grandmother with Alzheimer’s is able to get online and open a defunct PayPal account, I think the president of the United States of America should be just as capable, if not more.

I want a president who knows that the world cannot be divided between “good guys” and “bad guys.”  This incredibly simplistic mentality is akin to gradeschool children playing “cops and robbers.”  It’s childish and it’s exactly what George Bush Jr. has been spouting out for the past eight years.

I want a president who, after saying something unbelievably stupid like “Being in proximity to Russia gives me plenty of experience in foreign policy,” realizes her mistake and is able to apologize for assuming that the American people are dumb enough to swallow such utter drivel.  It’s a stupid stupid thing to say, and it’s even stupider for continuing to defend it.  I live in Arizona, and if Governor Janet Napolitano were to claim that being next to Mexico gave her insight into foriegn relations, I would immediately call for her removal from office.



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