"I Want to Be Like Lindsay Lohan."

Not many Moms want to hear those words, but it happens to be one mother’s reality.


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People is reporting that Ali Lohan, Lindsay’s 14-year-old sister, has begun filming Mostly Ghostly–her very first film project– in LA.

She’s obviously moving forward with her goal of becoming just like big sis…as she told told Teen Vogue in this month’s issue, “I grew up watching Lindsay. It made me want to do what she does. Just the whole vibe. Being there, being on camera, or onstage.”

While the rest of us Moms might put the kibosh on little sis following in her older–and not necessarily wiser– sibling’s footsteps, it seems Mom Dina isn’t doing much of anything to stop it from happening. In fact, she and Ali are shooting a reality show together, which is rumored to be difficult on Ali.

Is Ali just warming up to hit hard times like Lindsay? She’s stayed out of trouble so far, but stepping into the limelight could be just the beginning of trouble.

Therapist and friend of Mom•Logic Pamela Varady says in families with more than one child, siblings usually require varying levels of attention and parents need to pay attention to the needs of each child before negative behavior starts.

“Once they’re over 3 years old, kids can pretty much tell when one child needs more than the other. A parent’s job is to be aware of what each child’s needs are and approach that “low key” kid and make sure they’re not needing more.

Ali seems to be saying it’s time for a bit more attention. Does that mean it’s the perfect time for to launch her acting career, or just time for Mom to step up at home?


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