I Was a Victim of Republican Caging: And I Can Prove it – Reposted

I am republishing this article as a caution to all progressives that think they are registered to vote to check on their status, now, and to check again before the date of cutoff for the presidential election in November. Please note the addition I made at the bottom of the page. This is a huge issue for progressive voters, and your attention to this is imperative in order to avoid disenfranchisement. This isn’t the only strategy the GOP is planning for a McCain victory, but more on that later. On to the original article.

  Recently I published an ARTICLE with a URL to allow voters to check their own voter registration, and used it myself to check my status. Today I have to recommend if you are a Democrat, although that URL is a good idea, the Republicans have found a way, beyond that, to affect your status, and I suggest you go beyond that, yourself, and call your county election board. I was listed as registered, but I was also listed as inactive, with a note that they didn’t have a correct address on me.

When I moved to my humble abode, I updated my address with the election board. I voted in 2006, registered at my present address, in fact I was mailed a letter from the Election Board, telling me where my precinct was to vote (at the Blackjack American Legion), in 2006. I was on the voter rolls, and saw it myself when they consulted the list, at my present address, when I voted in that election.

This spring, I received a mailing from the county election board. It was a little blue card, and it was mailed to me at my present address. I pretty much thought that as long as it wasn’t returned as undeliverable, and I was on the rolls as voting in the last election, I would be on the rolls for the next election, since it had always worked that way before. I had reason though, even after seeing I was registered on the net, and I called over to the county, and asked about my status, as I wanted to change from independent to Democrat, so I could vote for John Edwards in the primary.

I found out, that though I was listed, someone had changed things to list me back at my old address, something she had absolutely no explanation for, and I was listed as inactive. In a long conversation, I tried to determine if I would be eligible to vote, and was pretty much baffled in BS. I never did get any real answer out of her. I did get a form to right this wrong out of her, but I am very suspicious that not only did someone change my status on the rolls, without good reason, but that that illegal act resulted in my being the recipient of the little blue card last spring, and I suspect that that resulted in the inactive status. That would have resulted in my going to the wrong (actually right) precinct, and would have prevented me from voting. If I had not wanted to change my status for the primary, I would not have found out till the general in November. I know that Nancy Boyda (Dem), our congressional rep, has been targeted by the national RNC. You might ask, why would the Republicans want to cage an independent? Well, because Independents overwhelmingly went Democratic here in Kansas in 2006, as well as droves of good Republicans, disgusted with the GOP.

I know, you might think this is all speculation, circumstantial, and suggest, as a few good conservatives did on my other article that it was a legitimate attempt to update the voter rolls to eliminate fraud. Can I tell you when the last time there was any voter fraud documented in Kansas? No, I can’t, because I can’t even remember any in my whole lifetime here. We do have primarily Republican officials, though, other than the governor. We have historically been a good Red state. The election board in my county is chock full of good Kansas Republicans. That’s not damning though, lots of places have primarily Republican election boards and have no problems, right? What I do have is THIS, and I suggest those of you that live in those previously uneventful areas of Republican dominance of your election board check your status, and then check again. Your State Republican party chairman may not be as big a moron as ours obviously is. Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas, anymore.


Update- There is an active caging effort in Kansas, and I’m living proof of it. It is now July 19, 2008, and I have had to verify my address two more times, in response to election board mailers, even though I went personally, to the election board the second time, and verified it in person in their office. This is a serious issue folks. If you’re a progressive, check your status, watch your mailbox, and check your status again one more time before the cutoff to register for the presidential election in November.

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