I was friends once with a real terrorist, too – seriously, and a true story !!! (a repost)

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But I didn't know she was a wanted FBI criminal when I knew her.  She was definitely NOT in hiding.  She was very prominent in the Minneapolis theater scene (she did a much talked about Lady Macbeth!).  She ran a book store. She threw BIG parties with the best food.  She was very active in her Episcopal church.  She was very nice.  She was married to a doctor and had two nice daughters. Who would have known she had a past.

The last I saw her she was in a play, La Rhonde, where she played a 1910 hooker.  I helped out here and there backstage.   I zipped up her "salon girl" dress (because she asked ME to).

I zipped up the dress of a Patty Hearst criminal !!! Aaahh!!!

Then one day I was watching the TV news and there she was, arrested, and making news across the whole Country.  She wasn't involved in the Patty Hearst kidnapping directly, but she was a part of that rebellious crowd.  There was a bank robbery that she was involved in and a woman got shot and killed.  Sarah wasn't in the bank, but was in the getaway van, and that makes her a criminal.  And they say she put bombs under police cars (but nobody saw her do it and none of them went off).

She'll be in prison for a very long time.    

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