I will be leaving the porch light on, as the Motel says.

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I have outside monitors to let me view outside. I leave the light off, I love to watch that spider that gets on the lens. You can see through his legs, it is very pretty. Then I listen and watch the cats , as they play . One is always sitting on the ledge.  The other on the steps, then they play games with each other.

Something was different last night. No Cats on the porch. Their friend the Opossum don’t frighten them. They went to the back ledge and was careful to meow softly.

Wondering what could be on the porch, seeing eyes I tipee toed to the window. I dared not turn on the porch light. One at a time and together, my son, daughter in law and Donald all knew it was a skunk. Good thing we did not UPSET it. It wears its cologne loud, but you don’t want it to spray you with his or her entire bottle. I know we have one coming through each night. I smell it but , not really loud.

Hope we keep it that way. But I will keep the light burning.

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Actually Donald and Norma are us.We are an older couple.We love gardening. We have a beautiful Paint Horse and lost count on cats.We have 4 grandchildren.

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