I won a $50 Best Buy card on Gather, went to the store to spend it and found the card was no good!

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Awhile back I won a $50 Best Buy gift card on Gather but it didn’t come for a very long time.  I contacted Gather and they checked with Best Buy who said they had sent it and that it must have gotten lost in the mail.  Gather said Best Buy “generously” offered to replace the lost card.  So, I finally got the card in the mail.  It was activated on February 10 and mailed to me on February 17 and I got it awhile after that.  I took the card to Best Buy today and let my daughter pick out some CDs and a movie she wanted with my gift card.  We gave the cashier the card at the register and she said there was NO MONEY on the card!  She sent me to customer service and they did some checking.  They said some kind of lab had cashed my card (which never left my possession) the first week of March.  They had no idea who or where this lab was.  They did a search on the Internet and couldn’t find any such place.  So, they said I’d have to pay cash for the $50 of merchandise or put it back.  I didn’t want my daughter heartbroken so I paid for the stuff in cash.  One of the head guys at Best Buy on the phone said he would investigate and send me a new $50 gift card that I should get in about 2 weeks.  I hope it will come and I hope that it will work!  I am so very glad that I didn’t give the $50 gift card to someone as a gift or I would have been horrified when someone tried to cash it only to find it was worthless!!!  For some reason, I have had a hard time getting most of the gifts I have won from Gather. I have no idea why.  I hope the replacement card comes soon so I can take my receipt back to Best Buy and ask them to refund my cash and then pay for the merchandise with the gift card.  They said I could do that as long as I don’t lose my receipt and as long as the next card works!  Frustration!  Frustration!

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