Ian Somerhalder about to Propose to Nina Dobrev?

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Ian Somerhalder is reportedly about to propose to Nina Dobrev. But would getting engaged and married be a bad career move?

The too-cute couple met on the set of their show, The Vampire Diaries, and they’ve proved that their relationship has staying power. Nina and Ian been dating for almost a year, and they evidently haven’t got tired of one another—most men and women would probably hate going to work with their significant others every day (spending every waking moment together can get really old really fast).

However, it seems that this just isn’t the case with these two lovebirds (lovebats?)—Ian Somerhalder is reportedly planning on proposing to Nina Dobrev very soon.

According to “a source,” the 32-year-old actor wants to propose to his 22-year-old ladylove, and he doesn’t want to be engaged very long. They would certainly look good walking down the aisle, and The Vampire Diaries producers would love the publicity their wedding would get. But would getting married so young while working together prove to be a bad thing?

Ian-Somerhalder-Entertainment-weekley-party-damon-salvatore-7310328-433-600Just imagine what would happen if Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev suddenly decided that they hated each other and got a divorce—it could be disastrous for the show. Since they are both main characters, they’d basically be forced to work together, and the tension would be terrible during love scenes. Things might even get bad enough that one of them would make the decision to leave the show, which could very well spell the end of The Vampire Diaries.

So it’s hard not to hope that all these vampire couples keep making it work. Anna Paquin is married to her True Blood costar Stephen Moyer, and they still seem to be doing great. And maybe if this second vampire couple walks down the aisle, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will start feeling the pressure to provide their fans with a real-life wedding.

So what do you think—are Nina and Ian moving too fast, or is this a relationship that’s built to last?

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