Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Frighten Their Fans with a Scary Burger

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50 Shades of Grey movie favorites Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev probably made their fans’ faces turn a few shades of gray, thanks to a sickening story about an old hamburger.

Perhaps Ian shared the scary tale about a zombie burger that just won’t die because it’s the day before Halloween. The Vampire Diaries hottie recently tweeted a link to a story about a 12-year-old McDonald’s hamburger along with this message:

“12yearold hamburger? Scary-”

The story he linked up to is about a nutrition consultant who kept a McDonald’s hamburger from 1996 for over a decade to prove that there’s something mysterious in the meat that keeps it from rotting. Ian is a big fan of healthy living, so perhaps he’s trying to gross out his fans so that they don’t overindulge on Halloween candy and fast food.

Apparently, Nina Dobrev decided that her boyfriend’s tweet wasn’t gross enough, because she responded to it by writing, “I just ate that burger… It still tastes the same after 12 yrs too, Gross.”

Maybe now The Vampire Diaries beauty will be inspired to ditch her fangs and dress up like a mummified burger or a zombie burger for Halloween. Amazingly, some stores are selling sexy hamburger Halloween costumes, so all she’d need is a little spooky makeup to zombify herself. Since Ian Somerhalder is all about being eco-friendly, he probably would discourage his girlfriend from choosing the mummy costume idea since it would call for her to wastefully wrap herself with rolls of toilet paper.

So if Nina dresses up like a sexy 12-year-old hamburger, then what should Ian’s costume be? This one is easy—all he needs to do is dig around in his closet for a suit and a gray tie to dress like Christian Grey from 50 Shades of Grey. By using clothes that he already has, he would make his Halloween costume completely eco-friendly (and he might convince the 50 Shades movie producers that he’s the best man to play Christian).

So would you like to see Ian dressed like Christian Grey for Halloween? And should Nina be a zombie hamburger or Anastasia Steele?

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