Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Split?

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Ian Somerhalder posted a tweet about being independent, suggesting that he and girlfriend, Nina Dobrev, may have ended their relationship. Real fans of the couple don’t think that The Vampire Diaries actor’s tweet had anything to do with his romance with Nina, but you can decide for yourself.
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“A true test of independence is learning to conserve oneself. Good for a late-Sunday thought before starting a week I think. Good night world,” he tweeted on Sunday night.

Given the fact that Ian Somerhalder has been tweeting a lot about the IS Foundation and about being his own person and doing things that will help the earth, this tweet was more than likely a reflection of that. Ian and Nina are probably still together and doing just fine.

The couple does not give many—if any—details about their love life together, so it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what’s going on in their relationship. Chances are the two are still very much in love. They will likely be spending Ian’s upcoming birthday together and may even be together for the holidays.

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