Ian Somerhalder Experts Top Choice for ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’?

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Ian Somerhalder has expressed an interest in starring in the movie Fifty Shades of Grey, but he doesn’t seem to be the experts’ top choice.

Ian would certainly be an interesting option since he’s the other vampire hottie that girls go gaga for. The book Fifty Shades was originally erotic Twilight fan fiction featuring Edward Cullen and Bella Swan in an alternate bloodsucker-free universe, so it could be fun to see a hunk from an alternate vampire universe fill in for Robert Pattinson as Christian Grey. And of course his Vampire Diaries costar/girlfriend, Nina Dobrev, would make the perfect Kristen Stewart replacement as Anastasia Steele.

However, some experts that MTV interviewed weren’t quite as crazy about Ian Somerhalder as the fans—they had quite a few other names to throw around. Alison Genet of Twifans.com brought up Johnny Depp’s name. However, she was only saying that whoever plays Christian Grey needs to have “loose and wild” hair like his. But it really is a shame that Johnny’s too old for the role; it would be nice to see the Dark Shadows star do something other than collaborate with Tim Burton again. And as long as we’re talking about guys who have played vampires that are too old for the role, it’s also sad that Interview with the Vampire star Brad Pitt and True Blood hottie Stephen Moyer can’t play the Fifty Shades of Grey tycoon because of their graying hair.

One option the experts didn’t mention is Chronicles of Narnia actor Ben Barnes. He kind of went in a kid-friendly direction after Dorian Gray, so why not revamp his career as Christian Grey?

Lisa Parker from FiftyShadesFilm.com said that she wouldn’t be disappointed to see Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart get cast as Christian and Anastasia, while Crissy Maier of Laters, Baby wants to see a different actor and actress make the role their own.

But Parker also isn’t stuck on Rob and Kristen; she points out that movie Superman Henry Cavill and real-life superhero Ryan Gosling would be perfect for the role of the sexy sadomasochist in Fifty Shades of Grey. The Gos seems to be one guy that multiple experts would love to see wear the grey tie—Genet says to just imagine Ryan in “jeans hung low on the hip.” But will Ian Somerhalder fans cry foul if Ryan Gosling gets cast?

Ian does seem to be the fan favorite right now, so a lot of ladies probably will be upset if he doesn’t get the part. However, just remember how upset some fans were when Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart got cast in Twilight—many lovers of the book were already imagining author Stephenie Meyer’s choices Henry Cavill and Emily Browning in the roles, so they had a hard time adjusting. However, most Twilight fans eventually warmed to Rob and Kristen, and look at how popular they are today.

So what do you think, are Ian and Rob the only choices to play Christian in Fifty Shades of Grey, or do you agree with the experts that Ryan Gosling would also make a good choice? Sound off in the comments!

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