Ian Somerhalder Headed to NYC: What about Nina Dobrev?

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Ian Somerhalder is leaving the south and heading to the Big Apple to take care of some things this weekend. The actor wasn’t too specific with what he would be doing in New York City, but he did confirm that he’d be heading there today.
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“Leaving work now—there’s no business like show business. NY in morning. Big Apple time,” Ian tweeted around 3 a.m. Meanwhile, his girlfriend, Nina Dobrev, hasn’t tweeted anything since Wednesday and fans are wondering if she will also be traveling to New York this weekend.

Chances are, Nina won’t join Ian in NYC. Unless they are on vacation together or doing something work-related (like going to the Golden Globes), they usually don’t travel together. What’s interesting too is that they aren’t really stalked by the paparazzi when they go out. They are really good at keeping low profiles and even if they do wind up in NYC together, the public may never even know!

What do you think Ian Somerhalder will be up to in NYC?

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