Ian Somerhalder Loves Nina Dobrev and Costa Rica!

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Ian Somerhalder loves his girlfriend, Nina Dobrev, but he also has a lot of love for other things—like Costa Rica. The actor professed his love for the country after ripping their government.

You see, Ian was upset that Capt. Paul WatsonFile:Ian Somerhalder.jpg of Sea Shepherd was arrested because of some Shark Fin Poachers in Costa Rica. He then called the government “corrupt.” However, he didn’t mean anything against the country or its people. “By the way, let me just say for the record—I LOVE COSTA RICA and its people/country. I mean NO offense,” Ian tweeted on Sunday. Clearly he did not mean to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev always seem to be sticking up for something and it’s great to see that they are both so passionate. Ian has been tweeting a lot about Sea Shepherd lately and he has been encouraging his followers to help out the cause. Ian, of course, is very into saving the planet and the animals and he really wants to help out wherever he can. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone along the way but his feelings about Costa Rica’s government come from a very passionate place. He stands up for what he believes in and this is just one reason that his fans adore him so much.

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