Ian Somerhalder May Not Be the Cutest Guy in His Family

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No doubt Ian Somerhalder is cute. In fact, The Vampire Diaries hunk is one of the cutest guys on TV. But, with that being said, is he the cutest cut in his family? Maybe not.

After looking at these pictures of Ian with his nephew Jaxon, you have to admit that the little guy may just out-cute his famous uncle. Look at those curly locks. Ian doesn’t have those, nor does he have such sweet eyes. Somerhalder’s peepers are much more intense. But then again, he’s a grown-up and he is also a vampire so his eyes don’t look the same all the time.

Also, look at little Jaxon’s cute and cuddly shirt. It’s cool and it’s screaming yellow, and it’s stylish, and it’s a far cry from the plain white t-shirt that Ian is wearing.

OK, so Jaxon may not be as well-known as Ian Somerhalder, nor does he have such a sexy girlfriend as Nina Dobrev. But, at least with the former, perhaps that’s because he hasn’t been discovered yet.

With that in mind, just hang in there. Since the small member of the Somerhalder clan was lucky enough to be allowed to hang out on the set of The Vampire Diaries recently, he may just discover fame since being in such a special place where vampires roam could make this kid a star in his own right.

So with all this to consider, what do you think? Is Ian Somerhalder the cutest guy in his family? Or, do you think Jaxon is or will become more of a heart-throb than his fabled uncle? You decide!

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