Ian Somerhalder Might Not be with Nina Dobrev After All

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Ian Somerhalder is doing a fine job faking people out when it comes to his whereabouts—and whether or not his girlfriend, Nina Dobrev, is with him. The actors are finished filming The Vampire Diaries and they have left Atlanta… but where could they be?
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Over the weekend, both Ian and Nina gave clues that they were together somewhere out west. Ian tweeted about the mountains, Nina about a “winter wonderland,” and fans figured that they were probably somewhere in Colorado. Today, however, Ian’s tweets suggest that he may not be with his girlfriend after all!

“No snow in mountains—scary…” Ian tweeted, contradicting Nina’s “winter wonderland” comment. “Sleigh ride turned to wagon ride,” he said next with a sad face. This tweet suggests he planned something romantic but couldn’t go through with it because of the weather.

So what’s going on and are Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev together—and will they celebrate Christmas together? The world may never know—and they seem to like it that way.

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