Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev Back to Work

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Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev had a great couple of weeks off and really enjoyed their vacations. From snowboarding to swimming with sharks, they both had a lot of fun and did things that they really enjoy. However, like most people today, it’s back to work!

“Back on set. DayFile:Ian Somerhalder.jpg 1. 4 months left of TVD for season 3… Whoa (sic),” Ian tweeted early on Tuesday morning. It sounds like he and Nina will get some time off in the summer as well, if there are only four months left for the season. One thing is certain, when these actors are at work, they work hard and put in long hours almost every day of the week. When they are on vaca, they play hard, and that’s a great balance!

Nina Dobrev hasn’t used her Twitter account much since the day after Christmas. Chances are she was really soaking in her time off before getting back to the grind. She will more than likely tweet something today or tomorrow, confirming that she’s also back to work like her beau, Ian Somerhalder.

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