Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev Kaput? Her Tweeted Cryptic Ryan Gosling Movie Quote Says Probably

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Are Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev becoming the new Chris Brown and Rihanna? No, there hasn’t been any evidence or even a hint of violence in their relationship so far. However they now seem to have the same sort of on again/off again romance as Br. breezy and his “Umbrella” lady. And now Dobrev seems to have taken to posting cryptic messages on Twitter suggesting that she may be through with Ian for good. Or at the very least she seems to be extremely angry with him, and she’s thinking of bailing out of the relationship.

After Somerhalder and Dobrev reunited recently to care for their sick cat Moke, the world heaved a sigh of relief believing that the Vampire Diaries lovebirds were still steady as they go. Or not. After Dobrev posted pics of herself and her man with the ailing but recuperating Moke on her Whosay account, they seem to have slipped once again into “relationship” limbo. Then, on April 11, Nina posted a weird quote from the new Ryan Gosling/Eva Mendez film, The Place Beyond The Pines.

“If you ride like lighting, you’ll crash like thunder. And I won’t let you take us both down,” Nina wrote, adding: “The Place Beyond The Pines.

Yikes. It’s kind of like the bizarre cryptic tweets Rihanna used to post at the height of her frustration over the triangular relationship she unwillingly shared with Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran. So does this mean that Nina Dobrev is finally throwing in the towel? Are she and Ian Somerhalder finally through? Alas, only the two of them know for sure. Maybe. Hey, even Chris Brown and Rihanna still don’t know the true status of their relationship at this point.

Stay tuned.

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