Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev Still Friends with Benefits?

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Ian Somerhalder may have lost out on the coveted role of Christian in the highly touted, long awaited movie version of E.L. James’  Fifty Shades of Grey, but don’t feel too sorry for him. He still has Nina Dobrev–in the biblical sense. Yes, rumor has it that the Vampire Diaries stars are still friends with benefits. Rumor also has it that their newfound friendship status is why Derek Hough kicked La Dobrev to the curb. Ouch.

According to sources, the Hough/Dobrev romance crashed and burned almost before it started because Dobrev is still literally “connected at the hip” to Somerhalder. She even reportedly asked for Ian’s permission before accepting a dinner date with Hough.  Yikes! Talk about controlling ex-boyfriends! When Hough realized that Nina is still hopelessly enmeshed–er–in love with Ian, he jumped ship.  Smart guy. 

But alas, poor Nina Dobrev.  What will become of the silly little lovesick fool is anybody’s guess.  The truly intriguing wild card in this equation is Ian Somerhalder.  Why is he holding on so tightly to La Dobrev’s tattered heartstrings?  Surely the T.V. idol can’t be desperate for sex–er–for female companionship! Is he simply a sadistic control freak? Or is Nina simply part of his dating “back-up plan?”

Ala, those questions are also “anybody’s guess.”  What do you think?

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