‘iCarly’s’ Miranda Cosgrove Touts Merits of Not Tanning

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Miranda Cosgrove of iCarly fame is urging teens not to go tanning and to take steps to stay safe when they’re outside in the sun. She is touting some sage advice, too, as skin cancer is constantly on the rise.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Miranda has joined forces with Neutrogena to educate teens on the wisest choices to make with regard to tanning and sun exposure.

Miranda Cosgrove la MejorOne of the more important ways teens can avoid facing skin cancer later in their lives is to avoid tanning beds. There is no safe indoor tanning when it involves beds or booths with bulbs.

Cosgrove also suggests wearing wide-brimmed hats to minimize sun exposure to the face. Carrying sunscreen at all times is a must, too. And it should be worn year round.

Did you know that 85 percent of the sun exposure you get comes from driving around in your car? Be sure to wear sunscreen even when you’re not outside in direct sun for this reason alone.

The iCarly star also suggests doing frequent skin checks and enlisting the help of a friend, boyfriend or girlfriend to check out hard to see places, like your back.

Do you think that having someone like Miranda Cosgrove teaming with Neutrogena to educate teens about sun safety will make a difference in how they prepare themselves for sun exposure? Will it make a difference in the number of teens who may forgo the use of tanning booths or beds?

iCarly typically draws a bit of a younger crowd than that of teens, but those young viewers will become teens soon enough, and if they’re educated early, they stand even a better chance of staying safe in the sun.

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