Ice Loves Coco: How To Keep Your Marriage Hot!

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Tonight is the Season Two premiere of Ice Loves Coco on E! Entertainment television. The reality show follows the lives of legendary rapper/actor Ice T and his curvaceous, business savvy wife of 11 years, Coco. Ice (real name: Tracy Marrow) is a famous rapper and actor that has starred in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit since 2000. Coco (real name: Nicole Austin) is a former swimsuit model who handles all of her husband’s business and personal dealings. She also handles her own very successful website, Coco’s World and has started her own clothing line, Licious.

Ice-T and Coco at the Tribeca Film FestivalHow does the couple keep it hot after over a decade of marriage? Coco says “I let him do the man things and I do the woman thing. Old fashioned works!” While it might not be the case with Coco and Ice, marriages with clearly defined roles often work better. Especially when they are agreed upon and established prior to the marriage. Coco says, “During the weekend is our date times, especially Sundays. We’ll get dressed up for each other and we’ll go to a movie or out to dinner…we just like to make it special.” Coco knows what men like, especially her man! She says that when they come home from those dates, she turns her home into a club like atmosphere, complete with sexy lighting! Ice says, “They’re (your lover) with you ’cause they wanna be. Your man has a sexual code. He might need you in a football outfit with ice skates, I don’t know, something that turns him the hell on.” Coco adds, “You have to figure out what they like and do the best at it. I believe you can be married forever.” Successful couples like Ice and Coco know they have to put everything into making it work.

When Ice was asked what he loves about Coco, he said it is her temperament. He says “Have you ever met a woman who is totally at peace? Coco is that woman. She has brought peace to my life.” Many couples look to their partner to “fix” things in their own life and not focusing on how they can improve or enrich their spouse’s life. Once you make a point of being the kind of spouse that actively tries to uplift your spouse, both of your lives will improve dramatically. “We don’t fight, we don’t argue. That’s not really how our operation runs,” says Ice.

They have a big rule in their marriage, the couple refuses to even suggest ending the relationship. Ice says, “We’re not breaking up. It’s not part of the plan. We talk a lot, we got great communication and I think that you gotta stay on the same team. I think a lot of time, celebrity life, both people have careers and they kind of create two teams that potentially work against each other, you gotta stay on the same team.” Refusing to even say the dreaded “D” word is a great tip! Fellow E! stars, Kendra and Hank Baskett from “Kendra” share the same philosophy.

Don’t miss the two-part premiere of “Ice Loves Coco” tonight, Sunday, Feb. 19 and Monday Feb. 20 and 10:30PM EST.

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