Ice Loves Coco Star Out Bikinis Everyone!

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Ice Loves Coco has become a HUGE hit for E! Entertainment Television. Fans can’t resist the close and easygoing relationship between the reality show’s stars, rapper/actor Ice T and his model/entrepreneur wife, Coco. Ice and Coco have been together for 11 years and are rarely apart. Coco has incredible ambition and a great head for business; in fact, she runs several successful websites and recently started her own clothing line made specifically for curvy women. On top of all that, she takes care of Ice’s schedule and even cooks and cleans for him, pretty unusual for today’s stars!

As their fans know, Coco’s biggest asset is…well, her as…er, rear end. Men want her, and women want a body like hers! Coco works out like a beast to accent her naturally gifted tush. She often shares her exercise tips on her website and her Twitter. Now Wonderwall has posted a great photo article called “Bikini Face-Off” comparing Coco’s bangin’ body with “the rest of the world”! She might not get the most votes, but for the curvy girls, she’ll always be Number 1!

Check out Ice Loves Coco on E! Entertainment Sunday nights.

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