Ice Road Truckers Lisa Kelly not just another pretty face

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The sexy blond star of Ice Road Truckers Lisa Kelly is not just another pretty face. She’s one tough cookie who hangs with the big dogs and often puts the men to shame. Kelly grew up in Kanai, Alaska and has worked for Carlile Transportation System for six years. One day she received a surprise phone call and was asked if she wanted to be on a T.V. show. She agreed and the Ice Road Truckers crew headed to Alaska last February to shoot the daredevil truckers who regularly make the dangerous haul from Fairbanks to Deadhorse. The two person crew rode with Kelly for about three months, off an on.

Kelly doesn’t fit the stereotype of a typical trucker. The twenty-eight year old beauty  currently resides in Wasilla, Alaska the same hometown of once hopeful Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. She had to prove herself in the beginning “I had to work twice as hard,” she said. “I had to pull my weight and everybody else’s and get the job done as fast, or faster.”

On her experience with Ice Road Truckers “It’s really neat too, being a part of history,” Kelly said. “Long after I’m dead, I’ll still be there. And that’s kind of my mark on the world, I guess.”

Carlile Transportation System is in negotiation with the production company to participate in the fourth season of “Ice Road Truckers.” So there might be more Lisa Kelly next year in season four, cross your fingers.

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