I’m so cold, Momma

shivering and shaking

my teeth are chattering

freezing and numb

all over


It’s so dark, Momma

can’t see anyone

nor touch anything

it’s pitch black

and I walk lost

but the air

tastes bitter

is fetid and smells

of putrid flesh


I’m so frightened, Momma

am hearing dreadful voices

screeching in my head

and terrible cries

horrible screaming

my skin is crawling

my hair stands on end

the darkness is ink black

the voices keep shrieking


I’m hurting, Momma

where are you

I’m so afraid

there’s no one else

to hold my hand

and make the evil things

just go away


Forgive me, Momma.

I didn’t mean to hurt you so

or to murder and do

all those bad things

Momma have pity

pray for me

some one help me

dear Lord show mercy


Oh, Momma

Hell is supposed

to be hot

with people

wailing and moaning

and dear Lord beseeching

but there’s no one here

just me

with the terrible screaming

in my head

and I’m afraid


where are you


oh, let me die

let it end, Momma



no one here

to hear







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I am intrigued by the proposition that what you believe is true for you - even if no one else believes it or regards it as true. That you will seek and find evidence proving to you that what you believe is true, despite the beliefs of others. Thereby imp

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