Iced Mocha Frappe

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This was really good. This is a 2 day process or at least or a 2 part process. First you have to mix and freeze and then make the drink, so this takes a bit of planning. Worth it though. Very good. If you want to make this lower in calorie use a Diet cocoa mix and also half-and-half. Also omit the whipped cream, which is what I did. I also used Splenda instead of sugar.

Iced Mocha Frappe

4-1 oz packages hot cocoa mix
1/4 cup sugar
4 cups hot brewed coffee
1 cup heavy cream, or half and half
2 tsp vanilla extract
whipped cream, for serving

Stir the hot cocoa mix and sugar into the coffee until dissolved. Pour the mixture into ice cube trays. Freeze, covered, for at least 3 hours or overnight.

Put the frozen cubes into a blender jar. Add the cream and vanilla and puree until smooth. Divide among tall glasses and garnish with whipped cream.

Risa’s notes:

I used diet hot cocoa mix, splenda and half and half.

This worked very well and is very tasty. Very icey. To make it less icey and smoother, add a bit of additional liquid – milk, heavy cream or half and half. If you are on a diet, use a reduced fat milk.

serves 4
adapted from The Deen Family Cookbook by Paula Deen
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