If I Didn’t Believe in God

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If I didn’t believe in God how could I explain this?
There are measurements that are very similar in every man and woman,
These are pretty accurate.
A person’s eyes are approximately half way down their face
From the crown of their head to the bottom of their chin.
This is just one example of what is usual.
How is it possible that in billions of people
God makes each one different?

Because He is God.

How can he make billions of people from the beginning of mankind and
Each one is unique?
When I have falterings, I in awe think of these things.

How can there never be music to run out of creating?
How can there never be paintings to run out of painting?
How can there never be poems to run out of writing?

I in awe, consider all of the wonders that God has created.
I know that because of these things,
They may sound small to others,
But to me, they prove that there is a God.

Mountains, trees, lakes, oceans, stars and all the other wonders,
Yes they amaze me, but then there is this.
There is this.

My God in all of His awesome wonder never ceases to amaze me.

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