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If  I  ran  Iran   ….

Ah,  but  the  point  is   I  don’t.   I  couldn’t—  and  I  shouldn’t.

The  bigger  point  is  :   neither  does  America.   It  couldn’t, and it shouldn’t.

What is going on over there  is  a  travesty,  yes.   But  isn’t  it  ironic —  that  although so  many  Americans  get upset  when America  interferes  in  other  nations’  business :  right  now,  some  Americans  are  upset  that  President  Obama  is  currently  taking  a  hands-off  approach  to  the  current  situation.///  How  is  the  president  supposed  to  please  all  the  people?

He can’t– and  he  shouldn’t.  And  at  the  moment, this particular  American feels  our  president  is  taking  the  wisest  approach.//

Let’s be honest  my  fellow  Americans (  and  this  should  be of  no  news  to  you )—Most of the world doesn’t  like  us.  I’ll get back to that  thought  itself, in a moment.  Meanwhile consider  this  similar  thought :  America is not  the world !!

Some  will argue  with  even  the  first part of  the following statement — but  whereas  America  may  be  ONE  NATION , UNDER  GOD  ( told ya! )—  as far as  the  global  community goes :  this  is  not  ONE PLANET , UNDER  AMERICA.

We  neither  have  the  deed to,  nor  the  right of  way ,  to  the  whole  planet .  One can make their own argument for whether  things would be better or  worse,  if  we  did.

If  you’ve  ever  read  my January 23rd post  {  ‘SHOULD  AMERICA  BE  POLICEMAN OF THE WORLD? ” }  you  know  that,  and  why, I  don’t believe we should be involved in  The  Middle  East ,  especially.

In a nutsell :   The  Middle  East  has  been  in  upheaval  since  Sarah  gave birth to Isaac, and  Hagar  gave birth  to  Ishmael — and  The  Middle  east,  I  well suppose , will  remain  in upheaval  until   whatever  end  The Israelis  and  The  Muslims  ( no offense to either , intended )  believe  the end  should  be .///

Now  returning  to an earlier statement :  it  should  be  no  news  to  you  that  most  of  the  world  hates  us  (  America.)

Could  part of  that be  that  we  have  always  ‘stuck our nose in ‘  where it doesn’t  belong–or at least  ,  isn’t particularly  wanted .

I  know  world peace  is  a  beautiful  desire and dream–and a goal to be  reached for:  But I don’t  see it  promised, even  in The Bible, during  this world and this heaven  .  ( see  Revelations )….Wonderful aspiration, world peace .  Practical  under  the human circumstance?  Possible  in this  life.?//  i  defer to your own opinion.

I  know  that  if  you  have come to America  from Iraq, or Iran,  that what goes on there  for  your families and friends, is a constant heartache to  you .  It  is  for  all America.

But  what  can,  indeed  what should  America  do  about  it.???  I  don’t mean  any  coldness or  harm.  Goodness,  as  evidenced by  my  very recent  post ,  SEPERATE JOURNEYS,  SHARED DESTINATION;  I’d  love to see world peace.  I’d love to see an end to all abuse  and  all tyranny.

But in  the eyes of  a  large  population of  the world ,  which  already  sees  America (us)  as  the  prime abuser,  the prime tyrant — what would further interference  from us, by us, accomplish. ????

While I think  hands-off/ nose-out  is  the  best  policy,  here, and in  many  situations—  I’m just a poet/songwriter  with a personal opinion.  An  expert on  nothing.  But  quite an observer.

This  is  how I see it.

I humbly agree to  let  you  disagree.

Respectfully ,  and  with best wishes for us all.  Lonnie Ray Fowler,  The Southern SongSmith

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