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What city am I?  I’ve given some hints (rather cryptic, I’m afraid), and the photos should give more hints.  Some are easy, some are hard. [Answers are now just below the photo]

1. Noisy


[Bangkok, Thailand]

2. Careful if you are a bull…

[Badaling, outside Beijing, China]

3. The White House

[Someone told me this looks like the White House.  It’s in Helsinki, Finland.]

4. Ho Ho Ho

[The Ho Chi Minh on the mausoleum steered most people to the city of that name in the south (formerly Saigon), but this is in Hanoi, Vietnam.]

5. …4, 3, 2, 1…

[Pretty obvious, though more the location than the city.  This is one of the shuttle launch sites at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.]

6. Czeckmate

[Okay, the Czeckmate couldn’t have been any more obvious.  And the bottom of the statue shows it is Franz Kafka.  The statue is just outside the Spanish Synangogue in Prague, Czech Republic.]

7. Trolley says what?

[Also, Prague…which it says on the trolley.]

8. What Sy…as in one of our Gather friends, Garte? (or his brother Stu)

[Okay, the one above is just too cryptic even for me.  But the bears were a feature of a previous Tuesday post of mine.  Stuttgart, Germany.]

9. You want those eggs scrambled or Frie-d?

[I was hoping the Frie-d would be enough to get people to Frieburg, Germany and recognize this very unique feature – mini streams running down many of the old streets.]

10. Sacre Coeur…that’s a big church on the hill

[I suppose it does look a little like the Taj Mahal (umm, maybe), but the Sacre Coeur was about as obvious as I could get for the Sacre Coeur (Sacred Heart) church in the Montmartre section of Paris, France.  You didn’t think I would show you the Eiffel Tower for Paris, did you?]

11. Home Sweet Temporary Home

[The Atomium here in Brussels, Belgium]

12. What an intriguing smile you have, Miss Gherardini (though she often goes by La Gioconda, or just Mona)

[I tried doing something with I.M. Pei for the clue (he designed the glass pyramids) but it just wasn’t coming out family oriented, so I played on the alternate names of the Mona Lisa.  The lady resides inside the Louvre museum in Paris, France. (If you go nowhere else in the world, go to Paris)]

13. When wandering, do as the wanderers do…

[Wander…Roam…Rome…get it?  When in Rome do as the Romans do?  Rome, Italy]

14. There is a Ring in my bull’s nose… (capital idea)

[ring, bull…bullring…in the capital of Spain, Madrid.  A beautiful place in my opinion]

15. Orange-you glad we brought our suntan lotion?

[Sometimes just plain dumb can be clever.  Orange-you as in Valencia oranges, Spain.]

16. That is the Gaudi-est thing I’ve ever seen…but hey, it’s like Familia

[I started with Gaudi, the architect/designer who designed some of the oddest buildings I’ve ever seen, mostly in Barcelona, Spain.  I actually like the other side of La Sagrada Familia, that is, the side NOT designed by Gaudi (which this side is)]

17. My two lips on your two lips…(can I lean on u warden)

[After I realized no one would get the city, I added the lean on u warden for Leeuwarden, The Netherlands]

18. Mystery city theater 2008 (I dread this one)

[I added a few clues in the comments to stretch the “dread” sounding part, but this one was pretty hard.  Dresden, Germany.]

19. Arnold says…I’ll be right Bach where the lime trees stand…if you need me

[I seemed to have trouble with the clues on these last three, and edited them a couple of times.  Leipzig means “settlement where the lime trees stand.”  Of course, lime is the UK version of the tree, in the US it is linden.  Either way I messed up the first version and wasn’t much more help in the second.  Leipzig, Germany.]

20. Conflict observe (just a little Shining joke)

[Tammy finally figured out my clue…Conflict (War) Observe (Saw).  The “shining” is like polish, which pronounced one way is making furniture shine and pronounced the other way means something from Poland. Warsaw, Poland.]

21. He Cracked Out heliocentric cosmology

[Okay, I messed this one up big time.  For some reason I thought this statue was in Krakow, Poland, which explains the clue above and a variant in the comments below.  But Tammy corrected me and I confirmed that this is actually in Warsaw as well.  Consider me groveling for forgiveness at my error.]

Did my clues help [not counting the ones I messed up]?  Maybe some zooming on the photos?  Maybe I won’t even remember my own clever cryptic hints?  Tune back in later for an update on the answers (probably after the Gather site upgrade).

Hope to see you all next week on If it’s Tuesday, This Must be Belgium.

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