If it's Tuesday, This Must be Belgium – 9/30/08

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Hmmm, seems I missed a week somewhere?  Ah, last week I was in Washington DC, Raleigh-Durham North Carolina, and a near coma.  Okay, not a coma per se, but I was sick as a dog…fever, light-headed, the whole shebang.  Well, I survived and am back in Brussels getting prepared to do my part teaching another full day course on REACH (followed by another on Wednesday).

Getting cold here.  Time to head to Scotland.  I may have noted a while back that when I was at my previous company I worked for 3 months out of the firm's European office in Edinburgh, Scotland.  It was a great experience.  So as soon as it was done I resigned from the company and took a job with a different firm.  One with an office in Brussels (where I am now) and one in Shanghai (where I'm considering to go next).

But back to Scotland.  Edinburgh is a beautiful city…very old and medieval.  It has seven hills that overlook the city.

From it you can see Edinburgh Castle

Ah, but there is more to see than just Edinburgh.  So I took a drive (on the left/wrong side of the road) up to the Isle of Skye.  And along the way I saw:

Can you tell I like mountains and water?  How about a little color.

More mountains

and more water

And Lochs everywhere.  I'm told this one looks like a map of Scotland from just the right angle (this isn't exactly right, but you can begin to get the idea…assuming you know what Scotland looks like on a map)

The view from the Isle of Skye

Did I mention castles?  There are a lot of little (and some big) castles in Scotland.

In fact, this one I liked so much I made a puzzle out of it.

Alas, time passes so quickly.  Time to take the sunlit road back to civilization.

Thanks for coming along this week to Scotland.  Who knows where next week will take us.

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