If They Grow It They Will Eat It..(kids and gardens) (Repost for Spring)


So as many of you parents out there already know getting your kids to eat vegetables is like pulling teeth sometimes. Well have you ever tried letting them grow their own? I have found since my boys were very small that if they grew it they would at the very least try it. We started off small. Things like tomatoes and cucumbers.  Then before we knew it they wanted to plant everything under the sun. They both got a sense of pride and accomplishment as each thing grew and changed color and shape. And of course every new thing they grew they would have to taste. Go figure most time they liked it. It also surprised me the amount of dedication they both put into growing the garden. The kids would water, weed, and pick without being asked or told to do so. My Dad is the real gardener of the family. He would spend every waking minute out there if he could. I think that is where the boys get it from him.

Now that Spencer is a teenager he spends less and less time working out in the garden. He is goes out there but now it is to work on his pitching as you will see in the pictures later on in the essay. Justin however spends more and more time out there. He loves to look for every new bud and to see what has changed color. His favorite is picking time. He goes and gets his John Deere tractor and fills is to the top. Of course we could never eat all of the veggies that we grow so most are given away. A few years ago when Spencer was small he got the idea to sell them. He would leave a tin at the bottom of the driveway and a crate full of veggies. Proudly we live in a wonderful town that we can go on the honor system. Most times people leave more than they have too. They have gotten to know the little blonde hair boy who sells the vegetables. Some even remember the little brown haired boy who used to do the same. Tomatoes and cucumbers have always been 3 for a 1.00. I must say we have loyal customers. Of course Spencer has out grown running down to see how much he has made for the day but Justin has not. Even if there is a 1.00 in the tin it makes his day! Justin has always been a saver. The first thing he does is put the money in his piggy bank and talks about what he is saving up to buy. This month it is a new lego set.

So you see growing a garden with your children can not only be a great experience for them to see how their food is grown it can be lesson in responsibility, discipline, and economics. My favorite of course is the time spent watching them be amazed at what they have grown all by themselves. Of course with a little help from Papa.

Please take a look at some pictures of our garden…

And yes Justin likes to garden in his Boxers and tee shirt..

Just checking

Checking the onions.

Justins bird house he painted that hangs in the garden

A bee buzzed by his head..

Yup.. This one is ready

Hey look my peppers are starting to grow!

These are looking pretty good too..

These are gonna be tough ones to pick..

Another one of Justin's masterpieces that hang in the garden..

Now off to check the pumpkins..

Spencer's  idea of gardening.. Pictching practice.. : )

Justin loves to weed.

And last but not least.. His eggplant.. This was the new edition to the garden this year!

He was so happy they started to grow..

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